Thursday, 24 March 2011

Artificial Grass

Most people have their misgivings about artificial grass until they see it in situ. Sometimes it is hard to tell from a sample what the grass will look like covering a large area.

So hopefully these pictures speak for themselves! You will be able to see immediately the dramatic difference artificial grass can have on an area, whatever the product. Artificial grass offers rewards right away  and the good news is these benefits are not short lived but can be enjoyed over a long period of time.

Artificial grass can transform a dead, patchy area into a green and fresh looking lawn. But don't take my word for it, just have a look at the images for concrete evidence!

Friday, 11 February 2011

The Benefits of Choosing Artificial Grass

It is often almost impossible to tell the difference between natural grass and artificial grass. This is because artificial grasses today can look just like the real thing. There has been much research done on this product and the results are amazing. Artificial grass not only looks good, it has wonderful advantages too. It can be used for a multitude of different purposes like sports fields, playgrounds, open public spaces, commercial centers, home gardens or exhibitions, but to name a few.

Time and Money are two things that everyone is aware of today and this is a product that saves you both. The maintenance and upkeep of a beautiful lawn is an ongoing and expensive undertaking. However, if you have artificial grass consider the savings on mowing, weeding, watering or administering pesticides and fertilizers. Some areas have a scarcity of water or else the cost of water is extremely high. Employing a gardener is also a costly expense. Do away with all these monthly overheads by installing artificial grass. Most people hold down full time jobs and are just too tired to attend to their lawn when they get home in the evening. Maintaining a lawn is also annoying to many older people as it is physically demanding. Although many people really love to garden, it is often the grass that takes up unnecessary time when one could be planting seeds and landscaping their beds.

Imagine no more muddy trails through your home, no distress when having to contemplate how to resurrect your disastrous lawn after a typical wet winter. Weeds and bare patches could be a thing of the past. You could have that immaculate, picture perfect lawn every single day. The benefits are tremendous.

If you have dogs you will be amazed at how little they try to dig as there are no smelly bones for them to sniff out. Even if they did try, it would be almost impossible as artificial grass is robust and resilient. Doggie toilet habits are also easily drained away through the permeated product and dissolve naturally into the earth. Of course, as usual, large stools would have to be collected and disposed of. A hosepipe is an easy solution to washing down the area if need be, and it is also optional to use a deodorizer.

Are you sick of bare and unattractive footpaths crisscrossing your lawn? This will not be the case with artificial grass. Insects also pose no problem as there is nothing to lure them. Your lawn is a product that appears so natural that is looks like the real thing, all year round.

Your whole family can enjoy playing on your artificial lawn without worrying about getting mud all over shoes and clothes. It also assists in alleviating hay fever and allergy in sufferers as there are no pollens or irritants.

Whether you are looking for a spongy, soft lawn for your back garden or for a Cricket or Football pitch, there are choices available to you. A school may want to install a Rugby field or Tennis court, or the local sports club may be looking for a hard-wearing, low maintenance Putting green. There are various surfaces to choose from that will suit just about any application.

The options are limitless. Different pile heights or various finishes and even black, grey, red, blue color grasses. You may want to match your outdoor furniture to a color grass or to set the background scene for a entertainment area, restaurant of commercial theme. Whatever your personal taste or need, there is but one choice. Artificial grass is a great alternative.